Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Study Abroad Map!

We've reached a transitional moment here at There Be Dragons: all our students studying abroad in the spring 2015 semester have finished their programs and are traveling onwards or heading home.  We're now shifting our focus to our students who are traveling on one of the several pre-approved summer study abroad programs!  We've already heard from Monique, Catherine, and Britney, who are all studying in Spain; Olivia, who just got back from Rome; and Zoe, who is still in Florence.  We'll hear from other students in programs in Italy and England in the coming months.  For a look at where our students are right now, check out the updated map below!  You can access the interactive version via this link, or under LIHC Links at the top right of the blog.

Even as our summer study abroad students are seeing the sights, our fall 2015 study abroad students are making their packing lists.  We'll start hearing from them in September, when we'll update the map once again!

Keep your eyes on the blog for the next update!