Monday, March 5, 2018

Cheyenne in Northern Ireland!

Magnificent white waves sucked at the large hexagonal stones, splattering them with seafoam.  Gentle rumbles of the ocean echoed in my ears. As I scanned the scene before me, I could feel my jaw begin to go slack. The was sea so vast and thick with creamy foam, it was reminiscent of a fresh latte. In fact, glancing at the shimmering black stones lining the ground, I couldn’t help but smirk at the piles of accumulated sea-fluff playfully dancing in the ocean breeze.  This place…how could this be real? In my life I had only dreamed about taking grandiose adventures, but now I stood half way across the world.
                Twisting to get a look behind me, my gaze became met with yet another picture-perfect scene. Luscious, supernaturally green grass spanned across awe-inspiring mountains, as ocean spray hung like fog. Thousands of years of natural history towering above me. I had heard time and time again that Ireland was an extraordinary place, a land filled with awe-inspiring views, and castles straight from your childhood fantasies. But nothing could have prepared me for this. Back home I was a nutrition major, a junior who was trying the best she could to get things right despite the circumstances. Here, I was free. As I stood atop my slippery stone tower admiring the Giant’s Causeway, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was in a fairy tale.

Since arriving in Northern Ireland, something inside me had changed. Perhaps maybe, a part of me felt more grown. Stronger. Or maybe it was the realization that once my journey here would come to end, I could never be quite the same again. Either way, It was surreal. Not only that, but this place was only one of several adventures I had already experienced since landing here. I had stood at the exact location of the tragic bloody Sunday massacre in Derry-Londonderry, and witnessed tremendous cathedrals that were thousands of years in age. I had trekked the capital city of Belfast for an entire day, stopping to explore the marketplace, and eat traditional food in the oldest pub in the city. Heck, I had even sat in an ancient throne inside the historic town hall! The best part about it all, though, is that even though I had already done so much, I still had 3 more months to go. Although I couldn’t know exactly what the rest of my time would bring, there was one thing I could be certain. As the locals like to say, I was going to be having a lot of “craic.”

Town hall at night, Derry-Londonderry 

Sitting in the Lord Mayor's chair, Belfast city town hall

Irish food in the oldest pub in Belfast city

Famous leaning clock in Belfast city, Northern Ireland

Giant's Causeway Coast as depicted

The famous St. Columbus Cathedral, Derry-Londonderry

The famous St. Columbus Cathedral, Derry-Londonderry

Famous church wall of Derry-Londonderry


Giant's Causeway Coast as depicted

Famous natural hexagonal shaped stones of Giant's Causeway

The beautiful mountain scenescape of Giants Causeway from the coast, as depicted. 

Giant's Causeway: Giant's Gate

Giant's Causeway Coast with distant mountain backdrop 

Little Groose enjoying the supernaturally green hills of Northern Ireland