Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rori in Northern Ireland

Hello there! I’m Rori, and I have been with my human Erin in Northern Ireland this semester. We’ve had a grand time together flying (in Erin’s case walking and riding various forms of transportation) throughout this wee country. There have been so many beautiful places to explore, but my favorite adventure here so far was to the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-A-Rede Bridge.
In reality, Giant’s Causeway is a bunch of rocks that are all hexagonal and arranged in an interesting way. But there is a legend that a 54-foot Irish giant named Finn built the causeway to go fight another giant in Scotland. Finn won, but clearly neither of the giants would be a match for my sassy, fire-breathing self. Since it’s on the coast there was so much room to fly around over the perfectly blue waters and see the cliffs. Erin wanted a picture of me, and while trying to strike a fabulous pose, the wind almost blew me off my perch into the water!! I would NOT have been a happy dragon. Irish weather is bad enough for my wee scales. I look absolutely class though, don’t I?

Do you like my earrings?
Next in the day we went to Carrick-A-Rede Bridge. Erin told me I couldn’t fly there because I would get lost, and we were with mainly humans. The bridge leads to this wee island with very soft grass that has an amazing view. Note: the grass is flammable. Thankfully Erin didn’t see the small fire I set ablaze. Erin had fun hanging out with the other international students though! The people who worked at the bridge told us that only 5 people died last year crossing it… didn’t that make me feel better. I said I would fly, but Erin refused to let me after the wind at Giant’s Causeway. Thankfully it was only a wee dander across, and we made it twice without any harm. That was a good sized drop though. 

It would have been so much easier to fly!

View from the island.
This semester had been filled with sooooo much craic! I’m not looking forward to telling my new friends in Northern Ireland goodbye, so I’m telling them it is a see you later. It’s cheaper for dragons to fly to Europe than humans anyways. To all my fellow dragons still away, have a blast the rest of your time (literally go blast some fireballs because it’s good craic), and to my dragons already home, I will see you soon!
Your wee dragon,

Noteable Irish slang
Grand: preferred over the term “great”
Wee: small; used as commonly as the word “like” in America
Class: “showing stylish excellence”
Dander: a walk usually of short length
Craic: pronounced like “crack”; is NOT an addictive substance; means “fun” or “good time”