Monday, March 10, 2014

This is my dragon Hans. Hans has been a very busy dragon and is making the most of his time in Germany!
A stein just big enough for a dragon!

Hans got an early start and landed in Frankfurt, Germany on December 19, 2013. From there he  wanted to go visit one of the many famous German “Christkindlesmarkt” (Christmas market.) He visited one of the biggest markets, which is located in the German city of Nuremberg. The Nuremberg  Christkindlesmarkt is the only place you can buy Zwetschgenmännla (prune men). Hans made some new friends while at the market!

Hans blending in with the Nuremberger Zwetschgenmännla

After the holdiays, Hans went exploring as many places as he could in Germany! He went to Bamberg, Seligenstadt, Würzburg (where he visited his good friend Ann-Kathrin, who he met at UNCG while she was on exchange from Germany last semester!,) Erlangen, and Köln! Hans was especially amazed by the Köln Cathedral which is an architectural marvel!

Even a dragon looks tiny in relation to the Cathedral

Hans then stayed in the city of Herzogenaurach (which is quite a mouthful to say) for two months where he worked at as an intern. Right before he went off to the University, he went to Amsterdam! He was amazed at the way the city was structured and loved taking a boat tour through all the canals. After his trip to the Netherlands he headed to Konstanz, Germany for school.

Hans taking a canal tour in Amsterdam and getting a little to close to the camera

Hans loves Konstanz! He says that Konstanz in beautiful and the fact the it is right on the Bodensee (Lake Constance) makes it only that much better! One of his favorite things is that the Mensa (cafeteria) looks right over the lake, and it makes a stunning view, just like dinner and a show!

Hans always wanted to live on the beach!

He can't wait to go on more adventures with all the new friends he made at orientation! This weekend he is looking forward to exploring Meersburg and then a little later going to the famous islands of the Bodensee! And he cannot wait for summer: sun, sea, and fun!

Hans pretending to breathe fire!

Mit freundliche Grüβe!

From Dragon Hans and his human friend Nicole Schachter
University of Kontanz, Germany
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I came into this semester with few expectations. I knew I had fun classes about Korean history and the intensive Korean class from hell. But other than that I didn’t now how I was going make over the mountain(the hill that is between my dorm and the main campus) every day, multiple times. I also didn’t know how I was going to make friends, Korean and exchange students alike.
Camille dressed in hanbok
g-dragon learns Korean

All you can eat barbeque

But this week has proven to be better than I expected. The mountain is conquerable! And I will have wonderful legs by the end of the semester. The communal lounge is full of life here. At lunch ajummas, older Korean ladies, sit with me. We may not be able to talk but it’s fun to just sit with someone and exchange Ahnnyeonghasyeos. 
Around campus
Going into Sinchon is fun! It is so different than back home in Creedmoor. I have rarely seen so many people at once! The sounds of stores calling out specials and pounding Kpop are not so strange now. I have managed to try lots of street food and eat more Korean food that I thought possible. Spicy food has no effect on me now, or even less than before. I plan on exploring other districts soon. I will conquer the subway, eventually.
Camille Knudsen
Yonsei University
South Korea