Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Caroline and Geraldine in Plymouth!


Greetings from Plymouth, England! It’s Caroline Oswalt and Geraldine (my dragon) checking in.


After nearly 3 months here I’m now reaching the final hurdles of my semester abroad. It’s been so incredible to spend this time away from UNCG but I’m ready come home to the nice weather in North Carolina.

View from my window overlooking the marina that leads to the English Channel.

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, which was quite interesting being that Plymouth is probably one of the least likely places to celebrate this particular holiday. Luckily I am fortunate enough to live with some of the greatest people there are who made my favorite holiday, which is meant to be spent with family, tolerable.  We made a meal of chicken, mash potatoes, green beans, and homemade drop biscuits. The meal with finished with apple pie and ice cream just like a true Oswalt family Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving feast!

Leaving my family was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. I mean, in Greensboro I’m a short drive back to my home in Matthews but here I’m thousands of miles away and 5 hours ahead making it hard to find time to skype back at home. In just 3 weeks I’ll be reunited with my parents and sister when we travel around Europe for the Christmas holiday. 

At the airport in September
At the Barbican in Plymouth enjoying my favorite beer!
Well, that’s about all. I have to get back to my editing bay, I have 2 more short films due by the last day of term.

Caroline Oswalt
Plymouth University
Plymouth, England