Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oliver enjoying an ocean view
This is Oliver the dragon. The two of us arrived in Melbourne, Australia a week ago and have been happily on the move ever since. Not even a full day after landing from our 25 hour flight, we were off to participate in our uni’s three day international student orientation on the beautiful beaches of Lorne. As you can see, he has been enjoying the wonderful views and warm sun of the Great Ocean Road. The little guy even caught a wave or two surfing on our first morning! 
Over the past week, he has been adjusting well to Melbourne.  Day one back in the city, we enjoyed Night Market, a cultural gathering at the Victoria Market characterized by live music, delicious foods from all of the world, shops, and dancing. With how huge the city is, the two of us have quickly become masters of navigating trams. Overall, Oliver may not be used to cars driving on the left side of the road or money coming in such bright rainbow colors, but the people have been lovely and food has been to his liking. Oliver and I are now certified chocolate Tim Tam addicts! He also says that though kangaroo burgers are a yes…Vegemite, not so much.
To make this journey even better for our little Oliver, he feels right at home here at Deakin University knowing that their mascot is the dragon! With all of his new mates, he shall soon be flying out with the biggest and best of them. Where will he land next? Sydney? Fiji? The Great Barrier Reef? The dragon homeland of New Zealand? We’ll have to wait and see where the wind takes him. 

Ash Mcleod 
Deakin University
Melbourne, Australia