Monday, June 30, 2014

Draco at SOAR

We've reached a transitional moment here at There Be Dragons.  The spring 2014 traveling students and dragons are finishing up their programs and preparing to head home or off on new adventures, and the summer 2014 traveling students and dragons are just getting on their planes to begin their journeys!  Now is a good time to check in on the homefront at UNCG and see what Draco (Dr. Muich's dragon) has been up to for the past few weeks: visiting Spartan Orientation, Advising, and Registration, a.k.a. SOAR!

Draco meets Marion and Miranda, Honors Ambassadors, student workers, new friends!
Almost all our incoming LIHC students attended one of 8 summer sessions of SOAR during the month of June (there will be another session in August).  During  Day 1 and Day 2 of SOAR, students came to meet LIHC advisers in the EUC and were greeted by our student workers and Honors Ambassadors Marion and Miranda.  Students signed in and received their LIHC lanyard, handsomely modeled by Draco.  They also received some information about Honors Orientation on Saturday, August 16th, the Saturday before classes begin.

So many interesting choices!
After checking in, students met with one of the Honors Advisers (Mr. Chris Kirkman, Ms. Shelley Ewing, and Dr. Rebecca Muich) to go over their Honors course selections for the fall 2014 semester.  Students and advisers talked about AP, IB, and transfer credit, intended majors, interests, and more to determine which Freshman Seminar to choose. 

Thank goodness for Chris Kirkman!  A dragon needs all the good advice he can get!
Students also registered for their Honors Colloquium class, the 1-credit discussion course required for all incoming freshmen.  Draco reports that talking with Chris helped students better understand how the Freshman Seminar and Colloquium class meet their General Education and Honors requirements (GEC).  Draco heard Chris and Shelley and Dr. Muich give lots of advice for planning the international experience, for meeting foreign language requirements, and even the best time to show up to move into North Spencer in August!   

We'll check in with Draco again over the summer as we await news from his traveling friends.  In the meantime, keep up to date with LIHC happenings on our Facebook Page. You can also follow LIHC on Twitter @UNCGHonors!