Thursday, July 14, 2016

Abbigayle and Little Red in Siena!

Ciao Tutti!!

Welcome to Siena, Italy!
Pretty blue Vespa and my apartment!
Social in an Italian garden with my fellow students!
This week is my THIRD week of studies, and also my last here in this amazing city! I have experienced an incredible amount of history, culture, language, and new faces during my time in Siena, and I'm not sure that I will ever be ready to leave.

The director of Siena School explaining the geological significance of Siena's buildings, and our lovely ASL interpreter!
Sunset views of Tuscany!

The Contrada of the Aquilla feasting and celebrating together before the Palio!

Street artists in action!
I am here at the Siena School for Liberal Arts, taking three classes in the Deaf Studies program. I have completed the Italian (spoken & written) portion of my program, but am still taking LIS (Italian Sign Language) as well as Italian Deaf Culture and History. Italian was taught verbally, but my other classes are taught in Italian Sign with a little bit of American Sign Language. Every day I am interchangeably using four different languages, which is a welcomed challenge! I have some wonderful instructors who are passionate about their culture and language, and learning from them is so enjoyable!