Monday, November 17, 2014

Sajin in Castellanza, Italy!

Ciao from Castellanza, Italy!

In actuality, I’ve hardly been in Italy during these last couple weeks!  I’m now off to Paris shortly after my last adventure in the unique and beautiful city of Prague.  Prague remains in my mind as one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited in Europe.

Aerial view of Prague
My friends and I arrived into Prague late on a Thursday night.  Immediately after settling into our hostel we were encouraged to indulge in one of Prague’s cultural identities, their beer!  After enjoying a round at the bar, we realized it was too late for any kitchen to be open.  It came as no surprise that there was only one place open late, McDonald’s.  We returned to our hostel after our lovely midnight meal and set off on a city tour the next day.

During the tour our guide informed us on the many important cuisines, buildings, and people of Prague.  We even learned that Neil Armstrong listened to a Czech composer while landing on the moon!  The importance of the Czech Republic and its people in our society was intriguing.  Soon after the tour we made plans to participate in a pub-crawl that eventually led a famous five-story club!

Enjoying a beer at a local pub
Each floor in the club had a different genre of music, none of which could compare to the downstairs ice bar!  We were served on ice chairs and tables with ice cups and had to wear thermal coats.

Charles Bridge

Old Towne Square

Another aerial view of the city
After enjoying the nightlife in Prague we explored several other museums including the Torture Museum and the Andy Warhol Exhibit.  The breathtaking views from the castles also provided a nice break from city.  Along the way we feasted on several meat dishes such as goulash, sausage, and pork knee!  It’s safe to say that the food, architecture, and nightlife was the most impressive that I’ve experienced.

Gulash soup

Traditional gulash

Sausage platter

I plan on travelling to many other places in the near future and know that I will cherish my time equally as much.

After lunch!

Sajin Chhabra
LIUC – Universita Carlo Cattaneo (Castellanza, Italy)