Monday, September 22, 2014

Featured Blog: Kelly Donovan

News from our Fall 2014 traveling dragons will be coming soon!

In the meantime, turn your attention to the blog of Fulbright Scholarship winner and UNCG/LIHC alumna Kelly Donovan.

Kelly is living and teaching on Kinmen, a tiny island close to mainland China but part of Taiwan.

Kelly has been updating her blog since April, when she first learned that she had won a Fulbright.  Her blog is full of her sharp observations and her fun photos.

Especially insightful and of use to UNCG students is Kelly's blog post on what it took to win a Fulbright.  Her advice touches on the pragmatic (start early!) and the sustaining (find cheerleaders, realize that rejection is not personal).  The entire post is linked below and worth a read.

Kelly's blog is linked to the right under Dragons Abroad.  Follow her and our other bloggers on their adventures!