Monday, September 8, 2014

Tim-Tam and Tabitha in Australia!

Tim-Tam and his human friend, Tabitha!

G’Day mate from Tim-Tam in Townsville, Queensland, Australia! We really don’t say that here, but I just like the phrase in general. Me and my human friend, Tabitha, have been soaking up the sun and having many adventures in the land “Down Under.” Of course I can’t tell you everything, why, that would take years! But I shall include the favorite parts of our trip so far:
The first weekend we were here we got to visit Magnetic Island, which is right off the coast of Townsville. It was so beautiful! I have never seen water so blue before. While we were on the island, Tabitha was brave enough to touch some of the animals, including a huge snake! Me, I told the Ranger, no thank you. A dragon’s got to think of his safety!

Tabitha bravely holding a snake!

A momma kangaroo and her joey.

The beach on Magnetic Island

The third weekend we were here we went to a Rugby game and won 28 to 25. Go Cowboys! I loved hearing the screaming fans and watching the guys play their hearts out. 

An Australian rugby game!
A few weekends back, we went to the Townsville Cultural Fest on  The Strand Townsvilles local beach. The music and dances were amazing and the food was terrific! I had a dish from the Torres Strait Islander stall, I loved it! It was so good! Torres Strait Islanders are one of the Native people groups in Australia. 

The beach on The Strand
The Strand's fountain shooting out red water

A native dance troupe
Last weekend we took a trip to Pallarenda Beach. The water wasn’t as blue-green as the beaches Tabitha and I have been to before, but we got to take lot’s of pictures, including this one. We were feeling a bit creative so we carved “Love Australia” into the sand!

Pallarenda Beach

Uni life has been keeping Tabitha very busy. She also gets to volunteer through an organization called ARTIE, which tutors students in English and Math. Tabitha gets to work with Year 9 and 10 students in an English class every Wednesday. She tells me every time she goes how much she loves it. Maybe I’ll visit sometime, but it’s so hard to get up so early in the morning!

Tabitha and Jodie, a student she tutors
Home Sweet Home!

Can you find Townsville on the map?
Well, I think that’s all you need to hear from me. If you ever feel like going all the way across the World, I think Tabitha and I would both recommend Townsville. The people are great, the classes are at just the right pace, and, oh yeah, we get to see kangaroos on our way to class everyday! While you’re down here, don’t forget to try Tim-Tam’s, they’re delicious. So glad my human named me after such an amazing treat!
(And Tabitha) 

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